Hi, I'm Maggie and I design and illustrate.

How can I help you?
Your brand is not standing out, you don't get the attention you want for your product or your boring graphics don't get any hearts on your social media - I take a close look at your goals and who your target audience is and create eye catching graphics or deliver ideas. 

What is shifting shapes?
shifting shapes is a studio specialized in emotional design. The studio works for agencies, brands, authors, founders, startups and publishing houses to create artworks for large and small projects. 
I combine my knowledge from my design studies and year long experience in the packaging industry to create bold and fun designs. Based in the beautiful south of Germany, I run my studio from a bewitched 500-year-old house. I create products, wonderful packaging and outstanding patterns.
My specialty: emotional design. I ask: what kind of emotions evokes a design and how can we create an emotion with our design? Emotional design is important to create an effect on the people you want to reach and to transport you message even better (and to sell your product).

My favorites: floral illustrations and quirky patterns.
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I am also very present on social media to show behind the scenes of my design process and happy to become friends: